My name is Shirley and I was 22 years old when I gave birth to my princess, Elizabeth (talk about being inexperienced). She changed my whole world as I knew it.

At first, I questioned, disagreed, and believe it or not, blamed myself for her diagnosis. Probably, how most of you felt in the beginning of your journey. But little did I know everything was going to take a beautiful turn.

She became a HUGE blessing for our family! I have discovered a whole new world and I give thanks everyday for being able to be a part of her growth in becoming a beautiful young lady.

Here, you can find hope, knowledge , advice and compassion. My hopes is that you will soon believe how amazing, above the clouds and stars, it is to have a child with special needs.

Elizabeth "Liz"

Liz is a very passionate girl. Everything she does is done with love. She loves to dance, sing, play and eat her favorite cultural foods.

She was diagnosed Down syndrome at birth. Now, that doesn’t stop her! Liz has pushed herself above and beyond in school, making friends and extra curricular activities. She loves gymnastics, equestrian, swimming and so much more.

Liz has plenty of self confidence and is always ready to help her friends.

Get to know Liz and her adventures through each of the books that were inspired by her challenges and milestones.


Family is THE most important thing in our home. We abide by a code that if we are together we can overcome anything.

Ngullen, Dad, is a huge pillar for all of us. He has played an important role in all of our lives, simply by showing support and love throughout every challenge and milestone. We couldn’t do it without him.

Matthew, the big little brother. He has been such a blessing for Liz’s growth. A role model to look up to. A shoulder to lean on when things get tough for her. Without him by her side things wouldn’t be the same.

Charlotte, the little sister. The little firecracker that Liz practices patience and teaches simple manners. Basically, big sister status at all times!

Victoria, the new baby sister. Liz has gone full mom mode! Through Victoria Liz has learned how to be gentle and caring. She wants to be as warm and motherly as possible to her baby sister.